My soul is moved once more

This time not to the path of peace

But into a space of work

Wounds turning to scars

Recoiling from trusted hearts

I pause, What’s to salvage here

I can forgive, I have to forgive

I am forgiven I’m told

We all make mistakes, I make mistakes

So there is no grace that I can withhold

Yet my very big heart seems to be bleeding

And it can’t make much sense of it all

They tried to make me a punching bag

They tried to make me so small

Am I small or am I strengthened?

Will I rise from a deadly duel

Will my courage convey my conviction

Or will I crumble a tiny bit more

I know I stayed strong with integrity

I didn’t shrink under foot

My rutter must be set by the Almighty

I can’t explain my calm in the storm

Still I admit I’m shaken

And I feel unsure of where to move

If I give up a little of me then

I can make it smooth and good

I’m tired of giving up me though

Sick of the harsh getting away with crass

What does it do to preserve what’s torn

If the cruel cannot mend their lack  

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