Writers Group

Beautiful is the table spread

A warm hearth to step in

The feeling of welcome

A whisper to myself

Thank you thank you

A drink for my soul is within

Friend, her joy at the door as it opens

The feeling of feeling wanted

Who you are is enough to be here

And who you are is among the selected

Not by arbitrary means

or anything you’ve done or earned

Merely the openness of your being

The heart listener that longs to connect

The artist inside you is budding

That has led you to this hidden gem

Swing open the doors of creation

For friends here are ready and safe

The tea pot is hot, the paper about

For your words they will lovingly embrace

Now they see inside you

Among the china, the fruit, the tears

The depth that has been there all along

And you too, now can see theirs

For in poetry form is their hearts

connection awakens within

Let me give you encouragement in return

And hug you with the countenance on my face

You are safe with me too, my dears

Here we have found a haven

One God always meant to create

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