Doula Song

And we proceed through joyful triumph

What was seen what was met what was heard

It was love.

The grace that enraptured the moments

The push in the hard place of patience

Enduring strength keeping weakness at bay

And we glorify the only One who could

The one who could stand in the gap

The middle of the night space where the hard part lives

And I got to be a part of it

The bridge to the hope, the comfort in presence, the gentle touch

It is so good to be human

The things we can bring ourselves to when we are not alone

What we can experience in togetherness

The battles we can fight with soldiers by our side

We fought for it, we rose to it, we conquered it

And what is left?

Victory and sunlight and birth and friendship

Thank you Lord for showing up

For your provision through us for each other

In that deep space you dwell

And it tastes so sweet

I dance away in joy for you are there

Where there is love, there you are.

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