The Neighbor

Are they lonely? Are they cold?

Do they get bored on their own?

Do they make up things for themselves to do?

Just to feel alive, perhaps to get through.

Have they talked with another adult today?

Do they feel forgotten or a little less known?

Do they cook for one almost every day

and the TV tray is their chaperone?

With no family to welcome for the holidays

Or know when to sing a birthday song

Is the world a big empty space for them

Left with the choices that made them alone.

I wonder so often as I cook for six

day in and day out so many problems to fix

Four children to raise and all my days

swirl noise, snacks, snuggled cheek kisses

How lucky am I and how very warm

to call all these people my very own

It is not lost on me, sweet neighbor of mine

What I have, what you don’t, and what inner twines

Us is a friendship that came out so odd, only God

For he sets the lonely in families, He prods

Us forward to continue together, a prick of my heart soft like a feather

And so I ask, won’t you come over for your birthday dinner?

Yes my hands are full, my days are a tizzy

Can I add any more to the conversations so dizzy?

Running here and running there, empty from work.

The fights, the resolutions and well… the meat might be burnt.


Open the door and come right in

we have little to offer, except for our grins

So partake, in our company and in our life

May others jump in…

Do you have a neighbor that is lonely within?

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