Spring Morning

Listen to their song

Awake from a long slumber

It was dark and unending

But now, it is gone.

A repetitive trumpet call here

Wings following the air

They surround my morning ear

With resound of daybreak.

Clothed in blue velvet

The sky knows it’s own suprise

She reveals her magic slowly

And waits for her perfect time.

The clock ticks in my left ear

Birds song in my right

I am surrounded by the reminder

A new day is my delight

And like the birds sing

In triumphet procession

to the rise of the sun

I too have a heart song

On pages is where I’ve begun.

With every new thought a start

And each prayer a beginning

To a journey that feels unending

That has majesty all it’s own.

Hidden in pockets of time

to be revealed when He knows best

I open up to it, willing

from darkness to light, my quest.

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