There are wounds that go deep

Ones that I can’t touch

If I allow them to give way

The sensation will overcome me

Soul tender, years of layers

And yet it gets pricked

Every so often a jolt

And I feel just a portion of darkness

And I cover it up again

Where is the healing if it continues?

Reopening, but not reconcilation

I have no control over this something.

It is not my toil but theirs

And yet…

I am a part of it

For our paths cross and I see it

I hear it and I know it

Will you get help, dear one?

For your choices cause pain

An anguish in those that love you most.

We will dance around it

And pretend it’s not real

These delusional relationships

All of them in tact, by threads woven in time

We all feel deeply the truth of the disconnect

And mourn our loss, so grave

It’s so hard, so untouchable,  it’s almost ungreivable

And why?

Because you meant so much to us.

The life you gave wrapped around our hearts

Like a mothers blanket on newborn skin

Nothing will ever compare to the dream of you,

And the duality of both existing is a tug of war unlike any other.

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