for my friend Jen

I’m thankful for my quiet house

Where my heart can finally grieve

And listen to the tick and tock

that wakes my reverie

My friend is gone, she’s passed away

living only in memory.

What a hole she’s left, what a legacy she kept

that keeps my mind wheel reeling.

Can sadness turn to glory strength,

and tears to peircing prayers?

Will I pick up my courageous sword

and march to the front of fear?

I’d rather have you than this boldness-

Your words where truth gave way.

But this is what you left us,

a call to be more brave.

This bravery looked good on you, you wore

your bear hat well.

I know now, I can wear mine too

and peel my outer shell.

Take off the facade, death seems to scream

There isn’t any point.

Be real, be you, be authentic

And with your people- be joined.

This race we run does not end here

it requires you remain strong.

You have to pace it together

to make it worth running hard at all.

Trembling and triumphantly,

we carry on to do the things we can.

May God be glorified in the big and the small

may He grant us peace in His plan.

Stitch it all together Lord, the brokenness…the joy.

Weave your story – story teller

as we sow tears into the night.

When the sun rises you are there…

All our breaths known to you.

Let the sun that set on her beautiful life

lead me to sunsets too.

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