Will we? (questions from the pandemic)

The epidemic continues

We stay home and homeschool our kids

Until further notice, the governor says.

I fear it will be longer.

Pregnant moms are nervous, will the father be allowed in? How cruel.

Are all children safe, we wonder, out of school?

It feels like the end of times.

People choose love, teachers read aloud online 

Some people blame, attack and scrutinize

Others, obediently listen to the plea and stay inside

And some of us, are somewhere in between

Will we hoard or will we share? Will we binge watch or get fresh air?

Will we surf the web or make art instead? To what are we made of? To what do we care?

Ourselves, our inconvenience, our sacrifice

Or, others others others on our mind.

No more masks for those on the front lines, we must make them.

No more meals dining out, we must create them. 

And so we balance the work load of life at home 

and renew our old friendships over the phone. 

Will we we turn to gratitude and nature? 

Can we begin to laugh and in this pause have pleasure? 

It is the forced stillness that came all too swiftly

Capturing our attention, and the balance keeps shifting

But, I hold a candle of hope that we do this well

If not, what is love if it is not rendered hard?

 ‘less we put on what is ill fitting and let grace be our guard

If we allow the letting go to settle in

Perhaps peace can wash over us, again and again

Like the new Spring rain that rushes and floods

What flowers will bloom, what in you will bud?

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