A Spark

Hovering, waiting, watching, searching

a spark lights

It shines, it dims, it flows within, it shrinks with doubt and grows with clout

a spark flickers

Can it, will it, turn into something bright? Something I can touch, something that gives light.

If I push and pull, add my sweat and toil, is it so gentle to crumble with pressure?

Or like fairy dust sprinkled here and there, will it do as it pleases without any cares?

Glow spark glow, I plead and I hope

Stay lit, stay with me and as I grow, will you grow too and become unencumbered

scattering your secrets to places unnumbered.

A spark lights and flickers, wavers and coils…I see it in hope, I feel it inspire

Burn spark burn, become like wild fire

Make your light shine bright, so I can see feel you in the darkness of night

My East my North my South my West, let me follow you spark, to find my true rest.

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