Birthday Girl

Is there anything sweeter than a girl turning 7?

Who wakes up at dawn, beyond pure excitement

She runs down the stairs her smile so eager

“It’s My Birthday today!” she says in a squeal

“I know!” I exclaim, smiling back to my girl

And celebrate we will, from dawn until dusk

With strawberry icing sprinkled with blue fairy dust

Games will be played and balloons will fill the air

Even if it’s just us, crowning your brown curly hair

We won’t let anything damper your special day

Mama has pink tissued gifts, popcorn and clay

Purple striped straws, bubbles, and signs on display

Whatever says happy we will bring it our way

I love you I love you my sweet birthday girl

Give me your hand for a few princess twirls

And when fireflies fill up the dark twilight sky

We’ll catch them and kiss them back into the night

May your dreams be sparkled sweet with pajamas and glitter

And your days dashed with bear hugs and puppies that snuggle

Cheek kisses, story books and Disney princess movies

Butterflies, playgrounds and cupcakes for dinner

Remember honey girl, whatever you do

My heart explodes with LOVE, so special for you!

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