Pandemic Thoughts

In a state of confusion my mind sits, perched on top of the current climate of our culture as the pandemic swirls around like a giant whirl pool waiting to drown us all. Yet many, believe it to be a hoax. Many, have become greatly fearful of either the disease itself or of the governments restrictions. Most of us, are fighting over whether or not to wear a mask to stop the spread of this disease. And I feel like I am in the Hunger Games, where political sound bites wreak havoc on easily persuaded minds and we don’t know what is a Facebook ad and what is a news article. No one seems to be trusting the doctors and scientists who’ve worked a lifetime in this field. People condemn leaders for making decisions they don’t like, and when they recede from the backlash of the public, people call them cowards.

I can’t find grace. I am looking and looking and I can’t find it. What is hard, is what has come to the surface. Where there could be unity there is a divisiveness. We started out saying, “In this together” and “help your neighbor.” Now it’s eye for an eye out there, especially if you have swung to your political party to battle out how to deal with the Corona Virus. Which honestly, I am so sick of things that have nothing to do with political campaigns putting up a tent and make their camp in blue or red. No longer are these issues separate or beliefs individual. And no longer can you share your opinion with a friend because…well…it’s vastly different from yours and it will certainly take you down a rabbit hole of hot topics and core beliefs that it might sever all things you hold dear. I am finding quite a few of us who would rather not try. All the peace keepers of the world and conflict avoiders, oh the stress you are carrying inside. I feel for you.

Could that really be true though? Our relationships, can’t they stand the rocky road of conflict? Are we so above learning from each other and humbling ourselves as a listener, that we can’t calm down long enough to consider change or at the very least, understanding. I know I have been on the judgie end of things, and I reconcile in my heart that thinking I am right, is not only NOT helpful…it’s not right. People are humans, we might be messy but we certainly have a reason for believing what we do. Be it experience, compassion, fear, information, misinformation, perspective, community…we draw our conclusions from our own little spot in life. So if I can, say, come to understand why someone might think something that is the polar opposite of what I think…I believe that makes some headway. At least in my soul. Because then it’s not an us vs. them battle, it’s a seek to understand type of journey. And maybe, unraveling my conclusions a hair will help to consider that other conclusions could be a conclusion too.

All I know is this mass hysteria is leading me to either escape with red wine, Schits Creek and a plate of nachos every night, deleting Facebook for the third time during quarantine or basically wondering how I can run away from human existence. I can’t do the third option and the first two only have me gaining weight and making arguments in my head. So what can we do? How do we carry ourselves both internally and externally. I wonder, can we match what’s going on internally with what we do and say on the outside? Can we speak our truth in a healthy way, while also diving a little deeper to inspect our hearts. Maybe taking a longer look at our own stance to be sure it’s not strangled in hubris would be helpful. Perhaps allowing the pride shackles to fall off as we say to ourselves…”I might not have all the answers” will do a body good. And then, can we get instep with our neighbors and listen while THEY talk for awhile?

I have found there is a lack of asking good questions. The best conversations, the ones where I felt were worth it and either made me feel known or helped me to understand someone else, were sprinkled with thoughtful questions. Perhaps, we could make question asking and listening, our reaction. I wonder what would come of that. I wonder then, after someone felt heard, if we could share our truth and then be heard. No more stuffing it all inside like a pancake stack at Waffle House but instead, slowly…thoughtfully…allowing our hearts to soften and our minds to open and allowing our leaders, our doctors, our teachers, our friends…to be human. Maybe then, our relationships…and our sanity…can stand a fighting chance. 

I’m interested in maturing. I’m interested in growth. I’m interested in connection. Let’s release the tight grip we have on platform issues and blow some assumptions away. Would it be naive to assume people have good intentions and not bad ones? Perhaps giving unity a good old fashioned try, is not a bad idea folks. Our new quest, could be seeking goodness. I think whatever you are searching for, you will find. So if you are searching for an article that confirms what you already think, you will find it (especially since articles and ads are now targeted toward you it’s easy to build up ammunition for your case). If you are searching for unity and connection, you can find that too. It just takes a little bit more effort. So maybe the real question is, what do you want to find? Is what you are finding now…bringing you contentment, growth, encouragement and connection? Or not. And if you know what you really want to find, do you have the courage to drop your sword, and go look for it?

I’m starting to feel like there’s enough swords in the arena guys and gals…I’m just wondering…did anyone bring a light for the fire to keep us warm? And who packed the Costco sized snacks to share? That’s who I want to hang out with, that’s who I’d like to chat to, that’s who I think will thrive.

4 thoughts on “Pandemic Thoughts

  1. Thank you for your transparent, honest, encouraging words. You are a beautiful writer and soul. I’ve got some graham crackers and marshmallows to roast over the fire we will create together. Let’s feast.

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