Taking Notice

The middle of this week I felt stretched. Living in a double hybrid schedule due to Covid (one day that sentence won’t make sense to other humans, and for that I hope they rejoice), is unnerving at best. I wake up daily trying to remember what is going to happen that day. Who is going where, who do I need to pick up, who will be home, and what tangible must-dos do I need to accomplish. It’s a delightfully filled anxious way to rise in the morning. Some days, I remind myself, Oh good. It’s a remote day I don’t have to do pick ups and drop offs. And others, Oh good, some of my beloveds are actually going to school. Regardless of the back and forth schedule that is my life, I found that there are times when my heart can ebb and flow with the tide of the day and sometimes, it can’t. There are moments when it gets real stuck.  In the brief pause when I think about what I don’t have, or how little I have of it, I can get real down.

For example, I was thinking the other day, “how am I going to survive having only 1 hour to myself twice a week and why would the school district (that I love) do this?” As I focused my thoughts on that idea, I began to feel the tip of despair. I started to get flustered in my interactions and short in my responses. My body got tense and my perspective of others became negative. It is in those moments that I am not helping myself, or anyone around me. It’s in those moments that I have come to understand the simple power of perspective. 

On the flip side, I can also wake up to these autumn mornings, pull on my favorite sweater and grab my mug of coffee with peaceful expectation. There is a quiet joy stirring in my heart because I am SO very thankful for the fresh fall air. SO very delighted in the lovely morning. SO appreciative of the people that I love rumbling around our home. And all of a sudden I’m not bothered by their giddiness and sarcasm, or their loudness in shutting the drawers early in the morning (can we please let the littles sleep longer?)  Okay, I have my sticking points but you know what I mean. It’s a complete and total difference in my mind, in my feelings and it pours out in my interactions and general demeanor.

What am I focusing on? I’m thinking about what I’m thankful for. I’m seeing the good. I’m taking note of what I like. Not, on what I dislike. And what transpires from here is that I can handle the day. In fact, not only can I handle the day but I might even carve out some moments of delight! 

It’s a remote morning so I can take a longer walk with the dog. Or, my children are not rushing so we can read and snuggle together in the sun room.

And those moments, those are the ones that are the real stuff of life. 

It’s a simple shift. But it’s an important one. We have the power within us to create the day we want. To create the moment we want. To choose to connect. To choose, where our head is at. 

I wonder when my kids get older, about what they might remember about this Covid time period. Will it be wonky school schedules and flustered parents? Will it be masks and distance? Or, could it be…would it be…the normal every day moments we grabbed hold of – like walking our puppy in the neighborhood. Might it be, sitting on my lap in the morning watching the sun come up. Will they remember, me complaining about how little time I have? Or being grateful for ALL the time I have and -deciding to get them a smoothie with that time. Probably the smoothie part. I don’t know. I know I am not doing it perfectly. But, if I can encourage us at all, might we do a heart check and take note of our perspective?  I believe we will be better for it. At least, we will feel better.

If you find yourself, like me, struggling to see through the matrix schedule of Covid and it’s getting you down…it’s okay. We are human. No one was prepared for this and no one has the answers. But perhaps a slight pivot of noticing the good things might help. Is the breeze nice? Was dinner delicious? Are we healthy? Isn’t your pet sweet or, at least, soft? Is it almost bedtime? Are we stocked with chips and wine? perfect.

Let’s think on those simple, tiny little things that we can take note of. I’m confident a slight, but oh so important, shift in our souls may occur. Join me in finding some peace in this chaos. Let’s create a perspective change by seeing the sweet things that show up in our world. I’m hopeful, that even more good things will be found once we start looking. We just have to take notice.

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