I’m thankful for this November weekend

Leaves falling to their place

Where silent and still, my heart can rest 

Peace is inside this space

Contentedness is a choice, I think

Counting my blessings inside

Wrestling with worry is for another day

I’ll let this gratitude reside

As the feeling of holidays entice us

And lights replace yard signs

I can’t help but feel, we are on our way to heal

If only we let love rise

Things may look different this year

Celebrations are small and few

But if we turn our ear to wisdom 

We will hear her heart ring true

She calls to us in the night 

And whispers her heart aloud

Her words discerning and clear to us

Dissapating the fear ridden clouds

If we lean in and listen closely

Reaching for what we know is true

We’ll find everything we need is around us

And this re-centering will be the glue

Bridge us to each other

Let peaceful waters flow beneath

Before our rivers are frozen

Let the warmth of thankfulness be embraced

Gathering Gratefulness

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