Chicken Pot Pie

It was a sunsettin’ chicken pot pie makin’ type of week. Many weekdays I cook those easy short cut meals that I know will only take me 20 minutes. And there are many times when it’s all I can do to get to Friday and order out for pizza night. With four children, we often have to watch the budget and cooking at home for most of our meals has been the best way to pinch pennies. During the pandemic, it’s also been the safest.

I don’t mind making a good home cooked meal, and often I really enjoy it. I just have to be in the right mindset. It might’ve been the weather changing, but this week I really felt like making some time intensive dinners. When my heart is all in to the creativity of cooking, it’s a beautiful thing. Giving the kids something to do and popping in an acoustic playlist, I set my mind and hands to create.

Setting intention…I get to mixin

I’ve noticed that when I take the time to make the meals that take work and intention…it feels a bit like a sacrificial love offering. Outside the wind was chilled, the leaves crisping in the cooler temps and the kids had gone out back to play with the dog. The kitchen, peaceful in the moment, was a workspace ready for my attention.

As I rolled out the crust on this particular evening, firmly bracing it to keep from cracking, yet tenderly stretching it to the proper size…I couldn’t help but think of how much I hold together.

Pie crust in the making

This family of mine, their bellies, their character, the energy of the home. It all seems like an insurmountable balance act at times. Taking a deep breath I glanced out the window to see how my daughter was fairing in the back yard. At just a glimpse, I caught the sun peeking from behind the leaf ridden trees. Gracing it’s last light through my kitchen window it caught my soul for a moment.

As I watched it setting on the day, my hands floured in dough…I am reminded that I am not the one holding all things in place.

Backyard play

I am just here to do the good work.

My chicken pot pie

And for that…I give thanks.

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