Thoughts on a 2020 Thanksgiving

It’s the day before thanksgiving and the rain patters down the roof, soaking our morning in it’s dreary wonder. I find solace in it. In the sounds of water, in the idea of rest, in the natural inclination to stay in and cozy up.

I read the news of this holiday being a super spreader event, many Americans changing their plans, but many…not. I receive a text of a friend in the hospital with Covid, and I pray. 

It’s hard not to live with the guilt that hold hands with sadness of not seeing family for thanksgiving. But, I allow the loving part of the decision, to keep my loved ones safe, to enter in. And that helps. Imagining anyone I love in a desperate situation because I couldn’t do something that was temporarily hard, is more unbearable than my current state of mind.

My heart longs to reach out and change my mind. It desires to invite the lonely to come over. But I mustn’t.  And I can only hope for an understanding of that love.

So I rest in that decision, and the beautiful things that follow. 

We bought our first turkey. My husband is ready to take on the challenge, looking up brining and that sort. And me, I’m googling stuffing…gravy and all the fixings. I think this can be fun. I have four kids so if all of us put a hand to making a dish, we will have a pretty big feast on our table.

I can’t help but wonder what might come. Cooking together, relaxing with each other, creating a harmony in a holiday that is usually filled with a tight schedule of baking, packing and driving all over Ohio.  I wonder…

I’ve never seen the Thanksgiving parade, which has always made me a bit sad. What would it be like to have that on tv and drink hot cocoa with my kids?

I’ve never thought of a Thanksgiving craft or created a mindset of gratitude for the day that we could all partake in. I’ve never needed to.

The kids are usually off playing with their cousins and only come around to eat. Trust me, those are beautiful moments and important relationships that I treasure! And yet, I am excited to see what might come of this connected-ness. 

When you take out the hustle and bustle…what is left, is time.

And when you have time, intention rises.

And intention…can cultivate beautiful things.

It sure will be different this year…but…different doesn’t have to take on the costume of sad. It can put on a whole new identity that looks a little more like you.

One that looks like your own creation, your own intention, and new traditions. 

What will you and yours bring forth to the Thanksgiving table this year?

When you put aside the traditional pattern of travel or hosting, what new desires rise?

Listen to them…give them room to grow.

And see what wonderful things may come! 

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