Diamond in the Coal of Covid

Here’s what I love about the desire to be together. So we are push and pull with safety right now, right? Masks needed, gathering or not. It’s obviously safest not to gather and evidence clearly states if you must see others – wear a mask to prevent the spread of the virus. But- here’s the beautiful thing.

Even though America is in great tension about what to do for the holidays, to see people or not. And the virus is spreading because we are failing miserably here in the midwest…underneath all of that failure and frustration- is plain and simple – we want to be together. 

Isn’t that, in and of itself a beautiful thing? Just that fact that it’s hard to stay away…is telling. I mean, we are having hug and handshake withdrawals. We are feeling thankful for the people in our households, but longing to see others. The realization that life without community stinks, could actually be a great thing. 

Now I am sure some of my favorite introverts are shaking their heads and thinking, not me Jenna…I’m perfectly happy to not see people and not do things. And you might even fear when all this is lifted that the pressure will return to socialize. Listen, I hear you. There’s some glory in the quiet. I love and live with introverts. But- I know that you know that you miss your few, too. Grabbing a drink to chat with a friend to unwind midweek…the benefits of getting out of your head for a bit are immeasurable. 

Our hand picked life intersected friends; they know us in a different way. They cheer us on in a format with which our hearts resonate. Experiences with them become memorable and slap happy at best! There are just so many wonderful things about friends, adult siblings, and other people that we aren’t receiving. I miss it. Emojis & Memes are helping, but we miss friends.

We are not whole without one another. Isn’t that grand? And the biggest sacrifice (of staying away from each other) is actually FOR each other. The only thing that keeps us at home, is knowing we are protecting those we love dearest. The fact that it’s so hard to do and we are terrible at doing it, says something. The notion that you want to pull down your mask to show that you are smiling, that in conversation we want to reveal our friendly demeanor….gosh you guys that feels a little bit like diamonds in the midst of coal, no? 

Think of the moment when you see a friend you’d normally hug before starting the conversation. And instead, an awkward pause is created because you are so use to beginning that connection with a gesture of welcome. That’s gorgeous. That awkward pause right there. It’s gorgeous because of what was once there. And what that gap represents and leaves wanting.

I’m just looking for the glitter in this mess. As I rounded the corner of my daily walk I couldn’t help but think that the hardship we face about the struggle to not see others or the frustration we have that people are seeing others- or wherever you fall in that mix- is actually a fantastic gift wrapped up in this: people need people.

As cliche as it sounds, isn’t absence making the heart grow fonder? We didn’t know what we had, until we no longer had it. This struggle is revealing in it’s very own nature. So before we judge others for sucking at social distancing. And before we judge others for isolating themselves to protect others. Let’s all remember the reason for both of them…WE LOVE OTHER PEOPLE. 

Isn’t this a beautiful thing, what do you think?

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

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