They connect one side to the other. 

I was reading in my bible today about Esther. How Esther was a woman in the posture of potential influence. She had the ability to connect with her King. Meanwhile, her people outside the gates were suffering and they desperately needed the King’s help. Mordecai, Esther’s Uncle, outside the gates pleads with Esther and empowers her, that she is in a high position “for such a time as this” to be brave and go to the King, even if it risks her life. She tells him to tell their people to pray and fast, and she would enter the King’s presence on their behalf. 

I sat pondering this idea for awhile.

Currently our nation is in upheaval. It’s divided and ugly; it reeks of injustice, racism, and fear. Conspiracy theories are running a muck and every where we turn there is a new headline. As we, every day people going about our every day lives try to ingest these current events, it can be overwhelming. I find it hard to resist all of the feelings that come. It’s so easy to get upset, angry, bitter and disheartened. For some it leads to a battle cry of injustice, for others it leads to rage and division, and for many it leads to sorrow and disengagement.

But I wonder…

If we as believers could be anything right now, shouldn’t we be bridges of hope? 

Yes, raise your voice for the oppressed and allow truth to ring from your lips. But. Before anger and division sweep your heart away to an ugly place…pause. We are in this world, but we are certainly not of it. We have been created for more. We can, in this time and place, be advocates for others AND lend ourselves to be hope bringers.

Friends, we are inside the gates.

If you are staying connected in your prayers and in tune with the needs of those around you, well then you might have a Queenly role. We have the opportunity – here and now – to be voices of reason and people of peace. To be the bridge that takes fear and chaos and connects it to calm and purpose. The bridge that opens to someone outside the gates and brings them to a peace that surpasses all understanding. No one wants to cross a bridge full of angst and anger. No, people need refuge.

What does it look like to offer solace at a glance, to offer grace in a relationship, to offer hope in the chaos…and be a voice of truth? Just by being you and breathing life into the conversations you are already having, you can bring peace.

In your home; listening with humility and speaking with honesty come to mind. As all types of ears lean in around your dinner table, what are the words you want captivating their attention? In your neighborhood; the smiles, friendly hellos and simple acts of care can absolutely bring change! On social media; allowing honor, respect and kindness to linger in the comments. Now that looks a little different.

Yes, it looks like a bridge.

In all of this mayhem we have a choice. If there is any time to put your faith forward and honor the most important commandment we’ve been given, love God and love others, this is the time. Some of us feel that love might be sounding the trumpets. Others feel like love is the steadfastness of prayer. And some, feel the call to reach and fill the gap of division.

Let me encourage you with this thought; none of these events were a surprise to our God and though he mourns with us in the ache he also beckons us. Like a whisper he calls us to lean in and listen to how he wants us to operate. As an image bearer, what does he want your posture to look like?

I bet it sounds like hope. I bet it feels like love. I bet it looks like a bridge.

2 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. Beautiful. And hard, and right, and good. We are supposed to die to self as believers, which means being willing to move past indignation and keep my door open to the world. Thank you for the reminder.

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