Birth Power

I see it with so many births. The closer you get to your due date the more the pressure kicks on. The baby is getting bigger, the doctor doesn’t want you to go passed your due date, or even reach it maybe. They start talking about induction, IVs, they make it sound okay but slowly they take away your rights to have the birth you always imagined.

Slowly, you give in to the asks that feel like demands. Who are you anyway? You aren’t a doctor. You are just the soon to be mom. Of course you want to put your baby’s health first.

You hand them the keys of power to your birth.

After you go through it, with decisions that weren’t yours, you are done. But everything that was done to you feels slightly barbaric and oh so medical. You weren’t sick. Your baby was the perfect weight. You were just pregnant. A feeling of disappointment lingers. A feeling of, I didn’t like the way that went. You paint it in a better picture than it actually was and chalk it up to; well at least I have my baby and we are healthy. 

But- there’s a something in your voice worth hearing. There’s a something in the trauma of memory worth mourning. And there’s a wish deep down and a longing, something of a power worth harnessing. A birth with what you knew you had inside you, all along. It was taken.

I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. And you CAN have the birth you want. An empowered experience awaits you. Dive in deeper, dream bigger, honor your instinct and create a beautiful birth story worth living. Worth retelling. Worth rejoicing. 

Chase it. I’m with you. Let’s do this together.

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