Welcoming Home

It’s hard for me when all the little people are done from their day, and I’m not. When I’m immersed in work or a project, I feel their entrance more a distraction than a welcome.

Then my family doesn’t get my best! And they are my favorites of favorites!!!

Anyone else?

Today I picked up my head a few minutes before the transition. Shifted to welcome in my heart.

I found I could shine✨ a little more upon their entrance.

Love a little better.

And my spirit joined in with theirs a little easier.

Truly, it just took a deep breath. An unplugging from what I was engrossed in. And a proactive change in my mind for the transition at hand. It changed our little welcome!

It’s a simple thing.

But I’m convinced it’s when we shine a light on the little behaviors and make minor adjustments, we make the biggest changes!

They may not be tangible, but they are real in measure. What needs a little light shed on it today? Let’s welcome the light that makes us shift, ultimately changing the direction of the entire day!

Encouraging thought for the day from yours truly



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